Julia Jiménez, 32

"Well yes, I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning ... or a lot, I kept searching on Google for information on how to choose the wedding dress, where to find good catering budgets for the banquet, what kind of wedding would be best for us , even what music to play, the honeymoon, the photos ... uff, too much ... And with no legit contacts ... and by chance I met Elena and Olga ... No more worries about everything, even the budget. "

Juanma Alguacil, 26

"At first, it seemed to me that my mother's head was going out, we lived in Guadalajara, but we are from Motril." Hire someone to organize your wedding in Granada? Take our mothers' hand and help us, "I thought. They live there. "Lol, luckily I let myself go, so I married again."

Carlos and Mª José, 31 and 27

"Do you know those weddings where the couple only go from table to table and enjoy nothing? Well, we followed Elena's advice and our day was that: ours. What a great time we had, we and our little girl!"

Sonia Ferré Cuesta, 39

"After many years together we have decided to formalize it, but even the simplest wedding takes a lot of time and work, and Olga and Elena are there to make my life easier, but I still have to be calm and excited, thanks girls!"