How to make your guests happy?

Guests at a wedding usually come to the party to medium battery (ceremony, reception, heels, children, social relationships ...), have you thought about how to make them even happier? They will remember you for the details, they will love you for having them in mind ūüėČ We give you some tips:

Makeup and hairdressing retouching

beauty corner bodas maquillaje retoquesWe all know that there is little room for party bags: lipstick and rouge and thank you. A "portable dressing room" or beauty corner with an expert in beauty included, in a style commensurate with your wedding, will be a practical and wonderful service to offer to the guests. Or a personalized dressing table-mirror and everything you need to touch up. In addition, it will become a meeting point to comment and laugh. All always perfect!

Dance shoes

With heels them or with new shoes them, there is always a reason to pay attention to the feet of our guests. Looking for your comfort, without losing sight of the style, we will offer baskets with slippers and / or flip flops of different colors and numbers. It will be a success because your guests won't miss any dance.

Welcome kits

It will be a surprise for your guests. Well to give another touch of festivity or to help them on days where the weather makes its own. For example, you can offer kits to welcome you with bags of rice, petals, confetti. Fans, sunglasses, refreshing wipes, plasters, a dental kit... There are endless possibilities to include and make your guests feel "pampered".

Need help? Count on us, we are here to help you.

regalos detalles invitados bodas zapatillas gafas


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