How to choose your wedding rings?

The choice of bands or wedding rings is not a heavy burden like the ring that Frodo was hung around his neck, but it is not a topic to be taken lightly. Because they must convey your personality. They are for life and, like bridal gowns for example, do not have to disguise, but let see your essence.

Its meaning

"Alliance" means to join with another person with the same interest. A pact, in this case of love.

Its origin

The tradition of the covenant in marriage was initiated by the Egyptian pharaohs as a witness to the world of fidelity and commitment. Although at that time they were made of cloth and renewed each year in a ceremony. The Romans changed the cloth for iron and gold. History is improving with the centuries 😉

How to choose wedding rings?

Budget: varies depending on the material, the design and the amount of mineral used in each ring. You can find alliances from € 200 up to astronomical figures such as the € 600,000 from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or the more than 2 million euros from Kim Kardashian.

Although the most important thing finally will not be its economic value, but what they represent to you as a couple.

Tastes: each pair is different, so there are those who wear them the same, who look totally different and each time they bet more on those custom-made.

Material: the most chosen is gold (yellow, white or pink). To a lesser degree of carat less quantity of gold carries the jewel and more economical results. But silver, platinum or titanium are increasingly imposed. The difference lies in the weight and resistance over the years. For example, platinum is the most durable and heavy.

Form: there are square and round alliances. Flat or half-round. With different thicknesses and widths. With polished, satin finish, ice effect, matte-sand, brush, textured, hammered, Florentine, dotted or enameled. Too much info? We will help you choose what best suits you.

Design: from the simplest to the reliefs, borders, combinations of materials ... If you feel lost there is a website that can help you. Customized partnerships in Duoo. Unique jewels that represent your love. Be creative but design models that do not go out of style, because they are for life. And, to close the circle, give them life and their rightful place, as the professionals of Memories of Tomorrow do.

Size: that fits perfectly on the finger without being loose and can be lost. Avoid buying the alliances on very cold or very hot days. Also after having exercised, since the width of the finger may vary.

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