How to choose the bridal bouquet?

How to choose the ideal bridal bouquet for you and your dress has part of intuition and part of knowledge. If someone put you in front of several bouquets, for example, you will know if you like some and others don´t. But, the choice of your bouquet goes further.

It will depend on the shape of your body

Bridal bouquet seen in MayulaFlores

Usually you look to stylize your shape: heels, neckline of the dress, the hairstyle... Well, the bridal bouquet also has to do with it! If you are a tall bride you can get a cascade big bouquet. On the other hand, if you are rather short, a small and collected bouquet will go to you because, the bigger the bouquet, the shorter you will appear; put in it small flowers such as pitimini or paniculata roses. Or, if you are a daring girl try a corsage, pretty typical in the United States: it is a floral ornament around the wrist, like a bracelet, much more comfortable because it leaves your hands free.

If you are a curvy bride, you can choose more bulky bouquets although you should never hide yourself behind it, don´t go too far ;-). A very thin brides will come that neither painted a discreet bouquet or long stems.

Corsage by Liz Chicago

Bridal bouquet seen in Modwedding

Remember also the color of your skin and hair are important for the choice of bouquet: for brunettes brides bright colors are perfect, while blondes would opt for pastel and whites.

Also from your dress

A simple dress admits more vivid colors and more striking styles than others baroque dresses. That is, play with the most minimalist and ornate styles for not saturating your look.

Photo by Jeremy Chou

On the theme of your ceremony

Modern, rock, romantic, minimalist, bohemian, country, beach... If the ceremony, the party, the dress revolves around a specific theme, the bouquet will not be less!

For example, a beach wedding calls for warm, cheerful and tropical colors that hold up well to the heat or even a bouquet of seashells. A wedding in the field calls for a colorful wild bouquet, or a romantic wedding comes great white roses.

Bridal bouquet by Itakeyou

Bridal bouquet for a beach wedding

Bridal bouquet with seashells for beach weddings

From the season of the year

If your wedding is a seasonal theme or you just want to make a nod to the time of year when you will say yes, this will interest you:

Bridal bouquet for Summer seen in Pinterest

Bridal bouquet for Christmas seen in Pinterest

Bridal bouquet for Christmas seen in Pinterest

Photo by Diana Roy -
Bridal bouquet for Autumn

Bridal bouquet for Autumn

Bridal bouquet with tulips for Spring

Of course, of your own style and willingness to risk 😉


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