The neckline perfect to you

For the correct choice of the wedding dress is essential to know what type of neckline favors you according to the shape of your chest, shoulders, neck ... A dress may look perfect on the web or catalog and when you try it on... Oh, No! Think about this before your final choice:

The ideal neckline can conceal or enhance your waist, hips, shoulders ...

Pic of Revista Feminity

  • If you have a wide back or thick arms and little chest, it will be a good idea to wear a low neckline.

Heart neckline dress by Tidebuy

  • If you have a small chest and a wide waist, the deep necklines will tune and mark your hips.

Deep neckline dress by Inés Di Santo

  • If you are excessively thin and without curves, forget the deep and elongated necklines.
  • If you have square shoulders, the asymmetrical necklines will be your allies.

Asymmetrical neckline dress

  • Naked your neckline visually extending your neck, if you have it short.
  • If you have a small chest, rather narrow shoulders in relation to your hips, the boat neckline is for you!

Boat neckline dress

  • The hood neckline is elegant and will give more sensuality and sensuality to your chest if it is straight or boat. But use it with a V shape if your bust is large and you want to lengthen the neck.

A type of hood neckline dress

  • The heart neckline is the only one that looks good for all types of busts, enhancing them and holding them.

Heart neckline dress seen in Vsun

  • The square neckline is ideal for large breasts but narrow waists and, being straight, widens the shoulders and shortens the neck.

Bridal dress by Manu Álvarez

  • If your shoulders are narrow and you want, in addition, to give prominence to your chest, the crossed neckline is perfect for it.

Bridal dress by Valerio Luna

  • The Halter neckline, on the other hand, if it is deep, will lengthen the neck and if it is closed it will shorten it. You can play a lot with him but, the most important thing is that it will give more visual strength to your chest, fixing less on the shoulders.

Bridal dress by Pronovias

  • If your neck is long and thin, a fancy or illusion neckline will make you feel at home!

Bridal dress by Pronovias

  • And, finally, we can not forget the strapless neckline, so required by the brides of different generations. It may be suitable for less generous or very generous breasts, provided it is not too tight or wide. But the most important thing is that it is totally inadvisable for stuffed arms or drooping shoulders.

Bridal dress by Aire Barcelona

There are many more styles and they can be mixed and combined, but these indications will surely help you in your search. Good luck and patience! 😉


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