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There are kinds of weddings as people in the world. The most exaggerated is not the best. The simplest is not the best. The funniest is not the best. The most minimalist is not the best ... The best is you and what motivates you. 

At Mi Boda & Eventos we work with a large group of professionals that will make your dreams come true. Did you know all these themes?

  • Love {sensual, romance}
  • Nature {plants, ecological, rustic, of the different seasons of the year, butterflies, stars, the sea}
  • Hobbies {magic, new technologies, cinema, sports, music, photography}
  • Historical moment {The 20s, 30s, 40s ... the 70s, ancient Greece}
  • And many more...

We help you to find your own style and, if you already know it, let's work on it!

Folk Wedding - Raúl Herrera Fotógrafo

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Hippie chic wedding

Real images Mi Boda & Eventos

Boho wedding lavellana

Real images Mi Boda & Eventos